Our Human Resource Management module automates attendance management, provides attendance reports for the management, and simplifies other trivial tasks such as time off requests and expenses claim.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management, HR System


  • Apply and approve leave anytime, anywhere
  • Check leave application status and leave balance
  • View your employee leave details on mobile devices
  • Automatically notify leave status via email
e-Leave, Leave Management, Online Leave Application


  • Easily track real-time attendance records anytime, anywhere
  • Automatically export attendance reports with different formats
  • The e-attendance is clear, accurate and indisputable with exact locaiton captured by GPS
  • Working hours and overtime are automatically calculated by ReportNOW
  • Once the effective distance from the attendance location has been set, employees need to clock in/out within the specific distance from the location
e-attendance, Attendance Management, Attendance Report

Expenses Claim

  • Easily apply and get approval on expenses claim
  • View expenses claim status and records on mobile devices
  • Submit your expenses claim accurately on time
  • Simply capture and attach a receipt to request for your expenses claim
Expenses Claim

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