ReportNOW accelerates the process of digitalization for Karin

Leading IT company in Hong Kong

  Karin Group

ReportNOW accelerates the process of digitalization for Karin

Leading IT company in Hong Kong

  Karin Group

Build App of Process Automation
Faster for Dah Cheong Hong

Motor and consumer products distributor

  Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited

A centralized system for data integration and digitalization

“ReportNOW provides enterprises from all industries a centralized system for data integration and digitalization. It is a handy system for management to formulate long-term business strategies, and for teams to improve their operation workflow, thereby giving impetus to the digital transformation of a company.”

– Mr Michael Ng, CEO of Karin Group

Digital transformation
simplifies business processes

Intelligentized workflow
process management

Easily handle different affairs of
various departments with one platform

View business reports in real time

ReportNOW as Digital Transformation Platform to Improve Resource Management Efficiency

As a centralized and systematic platform, ReportNOW helps not only dfferent departments and teams from Karin Group to manage information and data, but also the management to make timely and proper decision and planning. Karin Group’s growth of business size and scale, there has been a rapid increase of staff, resulting in the explosion of forms and reports which are unorganized and fragmented. As such, ReportNOW ffers a centralized system for Karin Group to integrate and coordinate data and information from different departments. For instance, ReportNOW is a useful platform for managing staff roster including time allocation and task for different grades of personnel like engineers and consultants. Through ReportNOW, information can be easily integrated and consolidated. It not just improves the workfow but provides management structured data to conduct analysis and thus formulate long-term and effective business strategy. As a no-code platform, ReportNOW is simple-to-use in that its degree of convenience and flexibility satisfies the needs of different departments and teams for customization of forms and reports to establish a workflow. Concerned staff is not required to possess IT background nor knowledge about coding. Through r-Designer, they can simply drag and drop the elements to design the forms and reports they need. Such no-code platform accelerates the process of digitalization and effectively enhances the efficiency of resource management for an enterprise.

ReportNOW as Additional Kit for Digital Transformation of a Business

Compatibility with different systems is one of the key features of ReportNOW, adding values and functionalities to enterprises’ existing systems. Before introducing ReportNOW, different departments of Karin Group such as Human Resources Department and Finance Department might use their own systems and methods to manage data. In this light, ReportNOW is a platform that is compatible for migration and integration of data from different systems. For Karin Group’s clients, including many large enterprises and SMEs, ReportNOW serves as a platform to integrate and manage information and data from their existing established systems. Moreover, ReportNOW and its functionality fills the gap of these existing systems, enabling the enterprises to manage their business more effectively through the application of ReportNOW into various areas of a business. ReportNOW also meets the certain needs of the management by offering relevant services and tools that achieve their business and operational goals. As a holistic IT solution, ReportNOW offers Karin Group and its clients an all-purpose platform to improve their service quality and daily operation efficiency, in other words, the user experience. With its variety of features, ReportNOW is the digital transformation platform that helps digitalize and streamline workflow with the ultimate goal to facilitate teams’ operational efficiency and management’s decision-making process for the long-term development of a business. In response to the I&T development in Hong Kong and Karin Group’s evolving needs, ReportNOW will also be improved with more features like the incorporation of AI technology, with a view to walking along the journey of digital transformation with the enterprise.

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