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Edge Computing and IoT Solutions - Built for ReportNOW


Edge computing and IOT Solutions - Built for ReportNOW


As a forward-thinking solution provider, in addition to constantly developing and updating our application software ReportNOW, we have officially developed "Internet of Things" (IoT) and edge computing application services in Hong Kong. With the power of IoT and edge computing, carriers are able to transmit data and integrate big data on their own, making real life more digital. Also, these entitles will be able to process and integrate large amounts of data on their own, thereby enhancing the digitization of real-life experiences.

Making good use of IoT and edge computing, we released our latest product - rTag T3. rTag T3 is the upgraded version of rTag. There is a built-in sensor expansion interface which integrates with ReportNOW server to provide related information on the monitor. With the use of rTag T3, many manual procedures are saved making everyday office operations smooth and efficient.

First, in terms of attendance, it eliminates the need for manual clock-in procedures, ensuring accurate and timely record-keeping. Whether employees have flexible working hours or fixed schedules, rTag T3 enables them to clock in seamlessly, minimizing the chances of late or inaccurate attendance records.

Additionally, rTag T3 provides smart access control, eliminating the hassle of clock-in jams that often occur during peak hours. Unlike biometric categorization systems that raise privacy concerns by using sensitive characteristics, rTag T3 offers a secure and convenient alternative. Employees can access their workplace easily, enhancing both security and privacy in the workplace.

Moreover, rTag T3 offers a self-owned solution for workplace. It greatly reduces chaos in scheduling and using conference room. With just a few taps on their smartphones, employees can reserve conference rooms effortlessly. The integration of rTag T3 also allows the control of conference room equipment through smart devices, streamlining the setup process and enhancing the overall conference experience.

rTag Features

  • Integrated with ReportNOW

  • Provide information on the ePaper Display

  • Provide device health and status to rTag Global Server

  • Provide hibernating mode for implementation with non-frenquent usage

  • Built-in One Touch button

  • Plug-in battery module for low battery consumption application

  • Built-in sensor expansion interface


rTag available options...

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