Tera Age, a subsidiary of Integrated Solutions Limited (ISL), is a leading provider of software development for companies of all sizes in Hong Kong and Greater China regions. Founded in 1999 by a group of developers, we are committed in providing technologically advanced and innovative software development that not only satisfies the needs of our customers but also adds value to their business. We focus on helping companies to deliver high quality services in addition to the software development and to improve the operational efficiency as a total solution to their business.


In June 2013, Tera Age was acquired by Integrated Solutions Limited (ISL). ISL is a leading software provider which focuses on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and other enterprise solutions since 1985. ISL is unique and outshine in Hong Kong and Greater China; the only software company holding two Q-Marks in Hong Kong and flagship product which won “China Outstanding Software Product Award” in 2 consecution years. Its proven experiences and milestone have gained numerous industry awards in these decades. Along with the in-depth knowledge, experience, services, award-winning solutions and expertise in the Greater China market, this acquisition further strengthens its position in the market and provides maximum leverage for a more comprehensive solution to the customers.

Apart from the Finance & Distribution solution and ERP solution, we are one of the pioneers to develop software on the mobile platform and have successfully deployed the first mobile software on Windows CE in 2004. In 2011, we received the Certificate of Merit of The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011:

Best Ubiquitous Networking (Mobile Enterprise Solution).

Hong Kong ICT Awards

We have also successfully developed various mobile solutions basing on our own developed technology for both the mobile platform and Cloud computing.

At Tera Age, we aim to provide software with totally simple, easy-to-manage installation while increasing productivity without undergoing a great degree of difficult learning curve. We always embrace our mission to help our customers achieve a growing business with our software .