ReportNOW helps enterprises to expedite and optimize all aspects of business processes and assist companies in completing the digital transformation that has become a global trend. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a set of business management and operation concepts from the United States which has been widely adopted all over the world. The ERP system is a set of digital tools that can be used to manage the day-to-day business activities. To take it to the next level, ReportNOW has introduced a cloud-based ERP system.

In the rapid development of the IoT and 5G technology, the concept of ERP can be further digitized, using network technologies such as mobile devices and cloud to integrate traditional internal operating processes of enterprises, including warehouse management and procurement management.

Through the ReportNOW cloud-based ERP system, enterprises can automate and simplify tasks in the daily processes that helps their employees to increase productivity and perform their duty more effectively while enabling them to gain insight of their internal business operations in real-time.

Application Modules of the ReportNOW ERP system

Application Modules of the ReportNOW ERP system

Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP System

Warehouse Management

  • Automatically export analysis reports with different formats
  • Create personalized receipts and allow customer to print out via ReportNOW
  • Inquiries on current inventory status or any historical activity
  • Easily keep track of inventory via mobile device

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Warehouse Management

Asset Management

  • Access detailed information about each asset on mobile devices
  • Generate accurate report with figures and charts for forecasting
  • Fixed assets transfer approval flow and history comes in handy for checking the status
  • Able to add assets via QR code scanning on ReportNOW
Asset Management


  • Transparent procurement approval processes with close follow-up on latest approval progress
  • As long as you have a mobile device on hand, you can easily handle procurement approval
  • Automatically send out email notification about the latest status of the purchase order
  • Clearly list out the outstanding PO and send automatic notification as reminder
  • Easily manage and store all PR, PO and invoices
  • All procurement approval processes can be customized


Other Application Modules