Under the globalized economy nowadays, even during the epidemic, the demand for logistics in various countries has not declined. Warehousing is absolutely an indispensable part of the logistics and sales chain of the companies. To ensure the smooth logistics processes, inventory and warehouse management system has to be full-function, easy to use, efficient and in place. ReportNOW’s Warehouse Management system meets all of the above requirements.

One-stop Warehouse Management System

ReportNOW prepares a new generation of warehouse management for you with a full-featured and enterprise-level solution that makes the warehouse management processes simpler, faster, more accurate and flexible, which is beneficial to the business of the enterprise.

ReportNOW’s digitalized Warehouse Management system enables your business to unify and centralize the warehouse management processes so that you can efficiently track goods, and prepare a list of goods before they are put into the warehouse. Your staff are able to check easily whether the arrival batch is missing while the system can accurately locate each item. The storage location can also be handled efficiently when the customer needs to exchange or return the goods. When the goods are shipped, you can easily create a delivery note, organize transaction data and reports. The system will then update and measure the upper limit of the storage space for you.

Enhance Warehouse Management Processes

Customers are able to create and print customized receipt on the ReportNOW Warehouse Management System, and to enquire current inventory status and past historical records. The system can also export reports in different formats automatically, making everything clear and organized. Your team can simply check the inventory data with their mobile devices such as phones or tablets and are able to grasp the updated inventory level so that they can quickly mobilized the products in real time. Your employees are able to work in a more flexible and convenient manner. During the in and out of the warehouse, you only need to scan the QR code to quickly check the warehouse entry and exit information. The inventory status of each product is clear at a glance, which greatly reduces the time and manpower required for stock-taking.

With ReportNOW’s Warehouse Management System, inventory management is no longer cumbersome and time-consuming as the system integrates the inventory management processes into a whole, saving a lot of manpower, money and time cost for your business as well as maintaining your competitiveness in the industry and gaining the trust of your customers.

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