Blue-Collar Software are designed for the deskless workforce including frontline or field workers doing the physical tasks. ReportNOW provides a series of productivity tools for your frontline employees to become more engaged, connected and productive as these tools help them be more efficient, better informed and achieve better accuracy overall.

Benefits of ReportNOW as the Blue-Collar Software

Benefits of the Blue-Collar Software

Designed for mobile devices - it is easy for remote workers to complete their work and communicate with the headquarters without having to return to the office.

Share information instantly - All the reported materials including photos, audio, videos and text are stored in one place where everyone involved can access the information quickly and easily.

Easy to use – No extensive training or less pre-training is required.

Digitization of frontline workforce – Field employees can stay connected with their counterparts at the office. Real-time dashboard with key metrics facilitate management to detect and react to the problem more quickly, track how their team is doing and make changes accordingly.

Application Modules of the Blue-Collar Software

Application Modules of the Blue-Collar Software

Application Modules of Blue-Collar Software


  • Each inspection e-form can be easily personalized basing on your needs
  • Timely inspection increases efficiency
  • Simply attach manuals, phones and guidelines to the inspection report
  • Able to conduct inspection and recording without internet connection

Job Order

  • Collect e-signature and attach photos to the e-form
  • Review and modify existing jobs on mobile devices
  • Able to perform job orders without internet connection
  • Generate real time reports on job information and status
Job Order

Patrol Checkpoint

  • Provide a clear checkpoint list to avoid missing checkpoint
  • Check the employee attendance very easily
  • Report to office at once if staff detect any problem
  • Generate inspection report for allocating the resources
Patrol checkpoint

Property Management

  • Use portable devices to record the event in real time anywhere
  • Different types of data such as GPS, photos, audio and VIDEO can be obtained in real time
  • The data can still be operated and recorded offline, and uploaded to the system in the network again
Property Management

Other Application Modules