With the maturity of data technology and the process of globalization, every enterprise is eager to catch up with the process of enterprise intelligent management. The human resources department of any company would probably agree that the difficulty of attendance management is second only to salary management. Regardless of the type of your business, the pressure of attendance management will intensify with the expansion of the business followed by the growing number of employees to be managed. The larger the mobile workforce, the harder it is to keep track of the attendance and the clock in and out for the staff. Attendance data, be it lateness at work or overtime, bring a heavy workload to the HR personnel as the conventional punch-in method not only requires manual calculation and verification of the attendance report, but it may also lead to disputes in case of mistakes.

One-stop Cloud-based Attendance Management

For many small and medium sized enterprises or new start-ups, they always think it is impossible to achieve AI-based enterprise management in the cloud and it is difficult for the SMEs to have enough capital to introduce such emerging technologies. Using the cloud system is a very common transformation strategy and now, adopting the ReportNOW one-stop attendance management system is a good choice to start.

In the information age, the network is inseparable from the daily operation of every enterprise. The attendance management system application is the best choice for the enterprise digital management. ReportNOW is a one-stop attendance application platform which can help enterprises quickly and accurately achieve the digital transformation.

Automatic Management of Time Punching and Scheduling

The ReportNOW e-Attendance system helps enterprises to manage matters such as clock-in and clock-out, scheduling, leave and expenses claims, etc. The system can synchronize the employee attendance records in real time and automatically calculate the total working and overtime hours. Compared to the traditional time punching method, you can set the effective punch-in distance via this one-stop attendance management system which supports mobile punch-in, real-time synchronization of attendance and overtime records, to meet the needs of different business scenarios of the enterprises.

The ReportNOW cloud-based automated attendance system adopts the No-Code operation with a series of components provided. Without any special knowledge, you can create any forms you need and accurately organize the employee attendance reports with simple drag-and-drop. It saves the HR personnel from the time-consuming procedures in writing the attendance reports and avoids the missing data in attendance and the mistakes in adding or subtracting wages from manual calculation. For the new start-ups with limited manpower, the ReportNOW e-Attendance system can assist enterprises to deal with tedious matters such as scheduling, salary calculation and expenses claims more effectively while reducing human errors, enhancing management efficiency and enabling enterprises to put together the resources on the more crucial business development and hence, it becomes the strongest backing of the enterprise.

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