For an enterprise to maintain a smooth daily operation, the role of human resources management should not be underestimated. In view of the increasing corporate digitalization among various industries, what factors should the SMEs consider when selecting the most appropriate HR system with limited resources? How can enterprises make use of technology in order to achieve an intelligent transformation of the human resources system?

There are all sorts of HR systems on the market. A good human resources management system can help enterprises properly allocate human resources and maximize their economic benefits. More importantly, with the expansion of the scale of the enterprise, the manpower to be managed, the scheduling of the work, the payroll and other matters have become more and more difficult to manage. Taking advantage of the rapid development of the Internet and technology, why not harness the power of the human resources system to alleviate the stress of the HR department while strengthening the core business and improving management efficiency?

One-stop HR system for attendance, shift and leave

ReportNOW Human Resources System can meet the immediate needs of enterprises for automated management of human resources, covering functions such as electronic leave, attendance management and expenses claims which facilitates enterprises to effectively control human resources and improve management efficiency. Apart from the desktop software, the ReportNOW HR System is also equipped with a mobile app that supports simultaneous use by multiple employees, enabling staff across the entire enterprise to share real-time resources and collaborate at work.

For instance, when handling the tedious leave application, the HR department can share the data via the ReportNOW HR System such that supervisors can apply and approve leave application anytime and anywhere while employees can also check their leave application status, outstanding annual leave and real-time attendance record on their mobile devices. The HR department has a clear picture of any employee arriving late, leaving early, absent from work and taking leave, etc. without having to notify the employee one by one which also helps to reduce human error. The ReportNOW HR System is simple to operate and saves human resources personnel from taking the attendance manually by generating report in spreadsheet format which facilitates business analysis and accomodates various needs from top to bottom.

Manage expenses anytime, anywhere

In the past, enterprises generally required employees to provide a hard copy of the receipt for reimbursement and fill out application forms with all the details. For the employees, the receipts are not only easy to be misplaced, but for the HR personnel, it is also a heavy workload for them to process and file a large number of receipts and documents. Ever since the beginning of the epidemic, more and more enterprises have adopted remote working. It would be such a hassle if the employee has to return to the office to submit the application in person. By using the ReportNOW HR System, not only can the enterprises simplify the application process, but they can also become intelligent enterprises.

Digital transformation has become a trend for all business no matter what industry you are in. The HR personnel should also make flexible planning on human resources and streamline the work process in order to keep abreast of the times. The ReportNOW mobile app can help enterprises to manage expenses anytime, anywhere. Employees simply need to upload their receipt with their application and get the reimbursement approved with great convenience. They will be able to check the application status and history with their mobile app afterwards. All this helps to enhance the employee satisfaction while introducing a paperless environment.

Application Modules of the ReportNOW HR System

Application Modules of HRM System

Human Resource Management, HR System


  • Apply and approve leave anytime, anywhere
  • Check leave application status and leave balance
  • View your employee leave details on mobile devices
  • Automatically notify leave status via email

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e-Leave, Leave Management, Online Leave Application


  • Easily track real-time attendance records anytime, anywhere
  • Automatically export attendance reports with different formats
  • The e-attendance is clear, accurate and indisputable with exact locaiton captured by GPS
  • Working hours and overtime are automatically calculated by ReportNOW
  • Once the effective distance from the attendance location has been set, employees need to clock in/out within the specific distance from the location

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e-attendance, Attendance Management, Attendance Report

Expenses Claim

  • Easily apply and get approval on expenses claim
  • View expenses claim status and records on mobile devices
  • Submit your expenses claim accurately on time
  • Simply capture and attach a receipt to request for your expenses claim
Expenses Claim

Other Application Modules