Now we are already in the digital age. If employees still manage leave applications in writing, it will bring considerable burden to the operation and effectiveness of the company. If you want to enhance the efficiency for employees to handle leave application, an online leave system is a desirable solution. The ReportNOW e-Leave system can help management to deal with all leave matters for their employees. The employee can apply for leave while the management can make the approval anytime, anywhere. All applications are organized in an orderly manner that helps to reduce the workload of the management and optimize the procedures for the employees to apply for leave, hence, the objective for the enterprise to improve the productity can be achieved.

Ease Management Workload

As the company grows in size, more people are needed to handle the company operations. However, if the company still relies on the traditional way to manage leave applications, this will put a lot of pressure on the management. The ReportNOW e-Leave System can effectively assist the management to handle all leave-related matters and review employees’ leave application in real time.

In case the management is incoherent in the arrangement of holidays and allows too many staff to take leave on the same day, it may cause a shortage of manpower and lead to a blockage of work flow. The ReportNOW e-Leave system can organize the leave application of each staff in an orderly manner that facilitates the management to approve the number of people on leave according to the workload of the day in order to avoid delay in any work progress.

The ReportNOW e-Leave system is easy to operate with preset procedures for leave application such as reasons of leave, electronic calendar, approval results and records of employees’ attendance, etc., which greatly simplify the procedures for the management to process the leave application. Even if there is a dispute in future, the management can check the employee leave information easily on the mobile devices.

The ReportNOW e-Leave system also has a user-friendly design and the management can also adjust the various attributes to meet the online leave requirements of each company. This online leave system can not only relieve the workload for the management, but it can also promote the concept of paperless office.

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Convenient for Employee to Apply for Leave

Compared with the conventional way of leave application, the operation of the e-Leave system is straightforward. Every staff is able to start using the system without much effort. Employees can apply for leave anytime with just a click as long as they have completed the forms which minimizes the cumbersome application procedures. Employees can quickly check the application status via the e-Leave system which improves the workflow and saves time. On the other hand, the system also send email automatically to notify the employees about their leave application status.

Previously, employees have to check with the HR personnel if they want to enquire about the annual leave balance. The e-Leave system comes with the functions for the employees to instantly find out the leave application status as well as the remaining annual leave as long as they launch the app.

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